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Sewing Table-Part 2

I managed to mill up some of the parts the sewing table.  I ripped some 8/4 red oak stock down for the legs and a few white oak bits for the stretchers.  My setup for breaking down stock is pretty … Continue reading

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Saddling My Horse

Through a strange sequence of events and serious risk to my health and wellbeing, I was able to work at my shaving horse for several hours yesterday.  Sounds great and it was, but the back-of-my-front is pretty dang sore today. … Continue reading

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Asymmetric Footstool-Part 2

With my design in hand and materials at the ready, it was time to get started.  The first step was to cut my 24″x48″ sheet of ply into two 24″x24″ sections and glue up my slab.  Nothing fancy to report … Continue reading

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Shaving Horse Tangent

For quite I while now I have been thinking of getting myself a drawknife.  Everytime I see a video of someone using one to quickly hog off material the spark is lit.  Usually though, I talk myself out of it. … Continue reading

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