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Tenugui Hanger Revisit

The weather here has been unbearable. Several days in a row the heat index went over 100F.  Having temperatures in the 90’s is tough but doable.  However, when you factor in humidity levels in the high 60% to above 70%, … Continue reading

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Tenugui Hanger-Design Drawing

Just a quick followup to my posts on the tenugui hanger.  Mostly for my own record keeping, but there is the off chance that someone out there may want to make one of these for themselves.  Anyway, I worked up … Continue reading

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Japanese Art on a Hillbilly Budget-Part 1

I’ve wanted to write about something for a while.  It has nothing to do with woodworking and is somewhat frivolous, so I kept putting it off.  Finally I have a tie-in with woodworking and I feel a little better about … Continue reading

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