Cedar Chest Facelift

As soon as the headboard was installed, upholstery project #2 became evident.  There is a cedar chest/bench that sits at the foot of our bed and management wanted it to match the new headboard.  The chest is a family piece from management’s side.  Not particularly old and I have a few issues with the construction, but it is solid enough.  So I drug it out to the shop.


As you can see, the upholstered seat is …well unattractive and has seen better days.  So off with the old.


I wasn’t happy about the press board, but it seemed solid enough and I decided to reuse it.  The board is not structural and only serves as something to attach the fabric to.  I also wanted to add the same button tufting detail to this seat that I used on the headboard and laid out a simple three button pattern on the existing backer board and drilled the required clearance holes.  The outer buttons are in-line with the faux drawer knobs on the front of the chest.  Then I cut a piece of the same black vinyl that I used on the headboard, reused the foam and added a new layer of batting.

The upholstery work was pretty simple and went fairly well.  The ugly creases will fade away in time.  They are a result of my storing the vinyl poorly.  I need to pull out the remaining stock of vinyl and roll it up correctly.


All that remained was to tie and install some new knobs to replace the existing white porcelain ones and to go over the chest with some tinted Briwax.

New knobs installed.


It looks much better now IMHO.  More importantly…management is happy and one more thing is off of her list.

Greg Merritt

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13 Responses to Cedar Chest Facelift

  1. Randy Allen says:

    Nice work Greg (as usual) . Hope you haven’t been affected by the recent flooding of West Virginia .
    Keep doing what you’re doing.

  2. Derek Long says:

    Wow, big improvement. That looks pretty sharp.

  3. Roy Jensen says:

    Always helps to keep the management happy. I’ve found that it results in less grumbling when yet another box with an old rusty tool shows up at the front door.

  4. Coisas EM'adeira says:

    Manager happy = Lucky Greg!!!!
    🙂 🙂
    Its a good match with the bed head board!

  5. senrabc says:

    Hilarious, but I showed it to my management and now she wants one too 😉

  6. Kinderhook88 says:

    Beautiful makeover, Greg! The pulls are really cool.

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