Pie Crimper

Here is yet another small project for you lathe enthusiasts, a pie crimper.  A simple little tool used to join the top and bottom dough sections of pie prior to baking.  It also imparts a decorative edge to boot.

I stumbled upon the pie crimper while searching the internet for something totally unrelated, but it struck my fancy.  So I gave it a go.  Plus, who knows, it may inspire management to bake me a pie! Continue reading

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Clamp-On Pincushion-Scissors Holder

This is just a quick show-and-tell on a little clamp-on pincushion and scissors holder that I made as a Christmas gift.  The body is mahogany from the Magic Attic stash and the threaded shaft is maple.  The pincushion is from felt and hand-sewn by yours truly. Continue reading

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Homemade Music-Part 2

What started out as a simple idea to make a few cigar box guitars, ballooned into a full-blown research and development project. Starting out I had no idea how deep down the rabbit hole I would be taken, but it has been a challenging and rewarding trip.

If you perform even a cursory search of the internet for “cigar box guitar”, it will become quickly apparent that designs vary widely. So my first challenge was to find a design. Continue reading

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Homemade Music-Part 1

I don’t remember the first time I saw or heard a cigar box guitar. I’m sure it must have been on YouTube though. Like many of my projects, the seed was planted somewhere along the way and finally broke to the surface.

So, what is a cigar box guitar? Well, it is exactly what it says it is. A guitar fashioned using a cigar box for the body and a stick of wood for the neck. A crude instrument brought about by poverty and the basic human desire to make music. Continue reading

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Fly Swatter Shaker Style

A few weeks ago Paul Sellers had a blog post where he showed a fly swatter with a leather business end.  I liked the idea and immediately began searching the internet for similar designs.

Note:  Paul Sellers has since made his fly swat design a Masterclasses project.

Continue reading

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Charpoy-Part 3-Complete

The charpoy is really a simple piece of furniture.  Four legs with four rails mortised into them.  The platform upon wich you sit or lay is woven from cord or cloth webbing (tape).  The charpoy can also be quite elaborate.  The legs can be turned and/or carved as well as elaborately painted.  The weaving can be a simple over-under pattern or the pattern can be extremely intricate.  The weaving element is my focus for finishing out this charpoy build. Continue reading

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Charpoy-Part 2

I spent the last few days completing the remaining tenons on the long rails.  Nothing fancy.  Just a lot of rip and crosscuts.  After a little judicious pairing I had those tenons fitted and the charpoy frame dry-fit together. Continue reading

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Charpoy-Part 1

Suppose I told you that there is a form of furniture that, according to some scholars, has been in continuous use for 5,000 years.  Suppose I also told that an estimated 1.5 billion people currently use said furniture form.

OK, where to begin?  I came to this project by way of two completely different encounters.  Neither of which I had given much thought to at first encounter, but apparently each took hold in my subconscious.  Eventually working their way back to the surface and leading to here. Continue reading

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Sewing Table-Part 4-Complete

The were only two remaining construction phase elements that needed to be completed.  The trestles needed to be trimmed level and everything needed to be sanded in preparation to receive the milk paint.

From the conception I knew that I was going to paint this table.  I had no idea what color though.  I also knew that the table wouldn’t look quite right being painted a single color.   Continue reading

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Sewing Table-Part 3

Wow, I’m way behind on updating this blog about the sewing table build.  Apologies, but time has a way of sneaking past a person.

My last post left off with the trestles legged up but in need of stretchers.  My design calls for a short stretcher spanning the leg pair and a long stretcher that ties them to the single leg at the other end of the trestle.  Nothing too fancy.  Just a continuation of the bamboo theme used in the legs.  The short stretcher was pretty simple to turn.  The long stretcher was a bit more challenging. Continue reading

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