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End Tables Part 11

There is nothing like a hot, humid shop and scrub planing oak to remind you of how out of shape you really are.  I started surfacing the oak panels that I had glued up for the tops and shelves of … Continue reading

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Hillbilly Tansu Corner Joint

I touched on my affinity for the Japanese tansu in my last post.  I have wanted to build some version of a tansu for quite some time now.  You can explore several samples here.  There is surprisingly little information available … Continue reading

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The Compass

One more tool needs to be discussed before I launch into the actual geometric constructions.  The compass.  The compass is a certain type of divider where one leg of the divider is replaced with a drawing instrument, typically a pencil. Like with … Continue reading

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Experience, Tools and Materials

Just so we are all on the same page…. Experience: I’m not an expert in woodworking.  I’m not an expert on tools.  I’m not an expert in any craft that I do.  I’m like most of you, learning as much … Continue reading

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