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Table Trestles-Part 7

As per my usual, every day after work this week I tried to get in half an hour to an hour of work on the tables.  After a nine or ten-hour day at work you would think I would just … Continue reading

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Table Trestles-Part 6

It has been a long hard week in the shop.  I have the aches and pains to remind me of it. Almost every evening after work I worked on getting the table tops together.  I continued my method of flattening … Continue reading

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Table Trestles-Part 5

Progress is being made in drips and drabs. In my last post I reviewed my day of wood butchery.  I’m happy to report that my repairs were successful and the split tops are once again solid.  The second round of … Continue reading

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Table Trestles-Part 4

My day in the shop, henceforth known as the great wood massacre of February 2017, did not go smoothly.  All of my problems were of my own making however.  I was working with an unfamiliar material (poplar) as well as … Continue reading

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Table Trestles-Part 3

With the top slabs thicknessed, cut to size and squared it was time for the layout.  This was a simple task of transferring the layout from my design drawing to the slabs. There are several ways that I can translate … Continue reading

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Table Trestles-Part 2

I’m not what I used to be.  Desk work at the day job has made me soft and nothing proves it quicker than surfacing and thicknessing rough lumber by hand.  I’m sore, but I’m got the job done. It’s not … Continue reading

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Table Trestles-Part 1

The List. If you are a woodworker with a significant other, than you are well aware of the list.  It is that list of things that our significant other wants us to build.  Sometimes we make excuses why we don’t … Continue reading

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