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Bookcase-Progress 5

I didn’t get a lot of shop time this week.  Just too busy with the everyday stuff that we all have to deal with.  I did manage to glue and peg the two arched aprons to their corresponding shelves though. … Continue reading

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Not Sure I’m Man Enough

My current project is a bookcase.  When I worked out the design I chose to add a simple decorative cutout to the side panels.  Nothing complex, actually a fairly common motif, four intersecting circles.  Once I decided to add it, … Continue reading

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Bookcase-Progress 4-Structural Notes

At first glance this wide bookcase is pushing, maybe exceeding, the strength limits of most woods, especially pine.  However, I assure you that it is not and I thought that I would address the structural choices/solutions that I have employed … Continue reading

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Bookcase-Progress 3

Progress marches on.  By drips and drabs over the course of the week and with a little more gusto this weekend. Most evenings this past week I was able to slip out into the workshop and chip away at the … Continue reading

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Bookcase-Progress 2

With a warmup project out of the way, I decided that it was time to start the bookcase.  So Saturday morning I made a quick trip to the Home Depot and rummaged thru the pine stacks until I found enough … Continue reading

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Sandpaper Quartering Jig in Action

As I was finishing the little Side Table, I used my last piece of 220 sandpaper.  That may not sound like a big deal to most of you, but it meant something to me.  A little over two years ago … Continue reading

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Side Table-Progress 3-Complete

OK, I last left off with the top panel in the clamps.        

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