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Hot Hide Glue-New Setup

A few months ago I purchased the Lee Valley small hot hide glue pot.  I really like it.  Yes its small, holds about an ounce of glue, but that is more than enough for most projects.  The thing is extremely … Continue reading

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Build Yourself a Hide Glue Brush

  Spreading glue is a necessary task in woodworking, no matter your choice of glue.  If you use PVA glue then a disposable brush is probably the best choice.  You may not even use a brush, I have spread a … Continue reading

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Finally Found a Lumber Yard

My day job is M-F, 8-5.  I’m thankful that I have such a job.  I’m home every evening and off every weekend.  However, it does make having access to certain things a little difficult.  Dr.’s appointments for instance require planning … Continue reading

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Equilateral Footstool-Design Drawing

OK, it was driving me crazy.  So for posterity and for those who may be playing along, I worked up a design drawing for the Equilateral Footstool.

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Equilateral Footstool-Part 2-Complete

Sunday afternoon I removed the clamps from the lamination and finished shaping the top.  Then I drilled and reamed the holes for installing the legs.

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Equilateral Footstool-Part 1

As they say…”no good deed…” Management decided that, since my Asymmetrical Footstool turned out “OK“, I needed to build another to be gifted as a Christmas present.  You all know Christmas…that holiday that is only seven days away!!  I explained … Continue reading

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Asymmetric Footstool-Part 3-Complete

The legs and the underside of the top received a couple of coats of Tried & True Original oil finish.  Once that had dried it was time to tackle the upholstery.  Note that I left all of my layout lines … Continue reading

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